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1250 Hours Course

The cosmetology program – a complete repertoire of beauty salon specialties.
If you want to offer total service to customers or to an employer, this is the course. When you can do it all, your customer has no reason to shop elsewhere.

Cosmetology is a total skill.
The textbook theory is easy to understand because you will test the theory B actually proving and practicing what you read and what was demonstrated to you. The academy’s client clinic is a hands-on teaching the program for mastering the beauty skills which are basic to a huge and ever growing industry called beauty.



200 Hours Course
The Manicuring Program offers practical clinic demonstration, application, and classroom instruction of the nail and the nail related arts. The program also offers practical application of products and treatments in a customer serving client clinic. The graduate is well versed in the creativity of design, sculpting, artificial replication, reweling, repair, and air brushing.


300 Hours Course
The Esthetics program offers a well-rounded schedule of classroom instruction and demonstration rooted in practical application of products and treatments in a real customer serving client clinic. A student internship serving the tailored needs of its clients is the cornerstone for skill development. The program highlights instruction, forged in experience and practice, the primary ingredients to make the transition from student to professional.


500 Hours Course

The Teacher Program is a well integrated course of teaching techniques required to bring and instill the skill of a licensed Cosmetologist to students who wish to embark upon a career in any or all of the Beauty Specialties. The course of instruction incorporates a fine blend of classroom instruction and practical teaching assignments designed to develop leadership organization ability and a methodology of proven teaching techniques to transfer and develop the skills necessary for student licensure and a successful professional career in a Beauty industry. The Teacher Program offers the applicants the ability to manage, supervise, demonstrate and teach. The ultimate people profession, traditionally labeled as the most honored professional career; responsible for fulfilling the manpower needs of its industry and providing students with a solid career choice.


Career Outlook: Offers a wide variety of employment opportunities encompassing: Teaching in both the public and private sectors of its industry, Salon Management, Platform demonstration, Salon and School State Inspectors as well as general consultant for marketing and distributing beauty products, equipment, and services. A career of fulfillment, the program offers you the ability to instill a wide variety of skills to all those who desire to learn.

25 Hrs
  • Communication
  • Listening Skills
  • Organization and Supervisor
  • Outcome and Assessment
  • Developing the lesson plan for instruction

75 Hrs

  • Bookkeeping and Employee Taxes
  • Job Seeking
  • Consumer Safety
  • State Laws
  • Eligibility and State Board Requirements
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Beauty Culture Salon School Laws