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OK, girls, let’s get real: Our most real, honest, RAW friendships are not always reflected accurately via our social media news feeds. It’s an unspoken truth inherently understood by all girls, that our true “bestie” is NOT our college roommate, our decade-long partner in crime, that...

Positive Impact on the Cosmetologist For cosmetologists, working in an industry that they love can have positive impacts on their health. People tend to feel less stressed and happier with their lives if they have a job they enjoy. If you do not dread your job,...

What’s hard about being a cosmetologist?Of course, cosmetology isn’t all sunshine and happiness. There are drawbacks to any career, and nothing can be suited to every person out there. The following are some disadvantages to becoming a cosmetologist.- YOU MIGHT NOT MAKE MUCH MONEY AT FIRST-...