Permanent Makeup Artist

Permanent Make Up Artist Course

In this class you will learn the most natural and advanced Permanent Make up techniques by professionals and pioneers in the field.

You will learn the most important techniques in achieving natural and beautiful application of permanent make up, proper design with relation to body proportion, introduction and maintenance of your equipment, application on skin-like textures, sterilization, demonstrations, and much more.

This is a one on one class – one teacher, one student; and the class is on going all year round. Make your own schedule few days ahead, or call the school for a class schedule.


Subjects Covered

The curriculum includes: Hours
Orientation 1 Hr.
Safety and Health 3 Hrs.
Bacteriology 6 Hrs.
Anatomy & Physiology of the Skin 3 Hrs.
Machine, Accessories, Supplies 4 Hrs.
Permanent Makeup Procedures 30 Hrs.
Business Practices 2 Hrs.
  Total 49 Hrs.